The scars on Kim’s body could be a sign that Kim has undergone heart surgery.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not appear in public for about 20 days, after which he appeared at a factory inauguration on May 1. Prior to this, there were various claims in the international media about his health. Now NK News, citing medical experts, has claimed in its report that the scars on Kim’s body could be a sign that Kim has undergone heart surgery.

Let me tell you that Kim Jong Un was seen inaugurating a fertilizer factory in Sunchon, North Korea. According to, Kim Jong has a needle mark on his hand which may have been during a cardiovascular procedure.

Kim disappears Meanwhile, CNN said in its report that American officials were monitoring the report linked to Kim’s heart surgery. So in the new photos, the marks on his hands are appearing. The Daily Mail reports that the mark did not appear on Kim’s hand before.

So 20 days later, US President Donald Trump has also reacted to Kim’s appearance. He tweeted that he was glad he was back and healthy. Earlier, when Trump was asked about Kim, he did not provide clear information.

Photo and video of the inauguration of the fertilizer factory has been released North Korea’s state agency KCNA. The media in North Korea also does not have freedom, so independent agencies have not been able to verify the authenticity of the photo.

After the birth anniversary of his grandfather and North Korean founder Kim Il Sung on April 15, many questions have been raised about Kim Jong Un. North Korea has a holiday on April 15 and the national event held on this day is considered very important.

However, during Kim’s disappearance, South Korean Minister Kim Yeon-chul said it was possible that Kim Jong-un did not show up to escape the Corona virus. However, North Korea has not officially released the details of the outbreak


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