Worrying news for the world, Trump’s idea of a growing threat from China-Russia nuclear.


Worrying news for the world, Trump’s idea of a growing threat from China-Russia nuclear.

Amid growing threats from China and Russia, US President Donald Trump is considering testing a nuclear bomb after an estimated 28 years.

The United States last conducted a nuclear test in 1992. Discussed with people connected to America’s top security agencies regarding nuclear testing.

It is said that the purpose of this test is to test the reliability of weapons and to create new designed weapons.

According to a report in the Washington Post, a senior security official said that if the United States showed Moscow and Beijing that they could “test quickly”, it could be beneficial during the story. The United States wants to sign a new arms deal with Russia and China.

The main purpose of this American atom is to test the reliability of its existing stockpile of nuclear bombs or to develop a new nuclear weapon. The Trump administration has said it is not going to build new weapons but that it reserves the right to build weapons if Russia and China refuse to talk. According to sources, the meeting saw serious differences over the proposal to test the atomic bomb.

America has 3800 nuclear weapons

No agreement has been reached between US officials on the nuclear test, but a senior Trump administration official said discussions are ongoing on the proposal.

In the midst of all this, those who support nuclear non-proliferation have expressed concern over the Trump administration’s proposal that nuclear testing would motivate armed nations to do so. This could lead to an unexpected nuclear arms race around the world.

America, the world’s superpower, has 3800 nuclear weapons. How many times can this atomic bomb destroy the world? The United States has 800 missiles to carry these nuclear weapons.

These missiles can destroy any city in the world in a blink of an eye.

According to Sipri, the United States has deployed 1750 atomic bombs, missiles and bombers. Of those, 150 nuclear bombs have been deployed the US in Europe to keep an eye on Russia.


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